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Carmilla: A Pomegranate Vintage Vampire Edition Paperback

Carmilla: A Pomegranate Vintage Vampire Edition Paperback

For your delectation, the House of Pomegranates edition of Carmilla by J. Sheridan le Fanu. Illustrated by Taeden Hall. Introduction by Ddaniel Richler. 

"For a hundred and forty years Carmilla has given readers’ bodies and souls a shake, because the vampire is beautiful but repulsive, to be resisted at all costs, because the narrative alternates so imaginatively between twittering girlies and an urgent need to reach for sharpened wooden stakes. Is there any reason it won’t continue to do so far into the future? Give it a read, and feel how it crawls under your skin."

- From the Foreword by Daniel Richler


The goal of The House of Pomegranates Press is to produce arcane and magical little packages full of words that inform, disturb and most importantly, inspire. With Carmilla we begin our Vintage Vampire series. Over the next few years we intend to publish — beautifully — as many vintage vampire novels as we can. Why? Because since childhood we’ve been haunted by these stories. As we grew, our complicated messy brains morphed these stories and characters from esoteric shadows under our beds into real, tangible, existentialist demons. They walked amongst us, they became our friends, our lovers, our fears. We felt it was time to gather those demons, wrap them in lovely covers and place them into a modern context with intelligent introductions by fascinating people. And so here you have Carmilla beautifully illustrated by Taeden Hall with a foreword by the quite wonderful, erudite Mr. Daniel Richler. Who better than he to blend vampires, Victoriana, politics, feminism and girl school lesbianism? Enjoy.


About the House of Pomegranates

Based in a haunted house in Toronto, Canada for the last 19 years, they are a small press, film makers, book and graphic designers, an arts collective, an incubator of all things whimsical and wondrous, and lastly a museum of the macabre, the melancholy and the lost. They aim to inspire, to astound, to inform and to just make lovely, practical things to hang on your wall and place on your table. They publish books old and new, make clocks, make films, make music, and now and then they make themselves late for dinner.

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