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Widdershins: A House Of Pomegranates Esoteric Edition Paperback

Widdershins: A House Of Pomegranates Esoteric Edition Paperback

For your delectation, a lovely book by Oliver Onions, published by the House of Pomegranates.

Onions wrote several collections of ghost stories, of which the best known is "Widdershins" (1911). It includes the novella "The Beckoning Fair One," widely regarded as one of the best in the genre of horror fiction, especially psychological horror. On the surface, this is a conventional haunted house story: an unsuccessful writer moves into rooms in an otherwise empty house, in the hope that isolation will help his failing creativity. His sensitivity and imagination are enhanced by his seclusion, but his art, his only friend and his sanity are all destroyed in the process. The story can be read as narrating the gradual possession of the protagonist by a mysterious and possessive feminine spirit, or as a realistic description of a psychotic outbreak culminating in catatonia and murder, told from the psychotic subject's point of view. The precise description of the slow disintegration of the protagonist's mind is terrifying in either case. (Information courtesy of Wikipedia)


About the House of Pomegranates

Based in a haunted house in Toronto, Canada for the last 19 years, they are a small press, film makers, book and graphic designers, an arts collective, an incubator of all things whimsical and wondrous, and lastly a museum of the macabre, the melancholy and the lost. They aim to inspire, to astound, to inform and to just make lovely, practical things to hang on your wall and place on your table. They publish books old and new, make clocks, make films, make music, and now and then they make themselves late for dinner.

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