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A Shadow Over Shanghai: A Cecil Herbert Woolley Mystery - Keep Salem Odd

A Shadow Over Shanghai: A Cecil Herbert Woolley Mystery

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From mysterious and reclusive author David Keyes, we offer you The Blood Red Heiress: A Cecil Herbert Woolley Mystery.

Introducing Cecil Herbert Woolley – wealthy, educated, affected, infuriating, well-spoken, well-dressed, a gentleman, a curious sort, a well-rounded chap, a lover of art, a one-time ladies man, witty and occasionally wise, once attractive and now well worn, functionally alcoholic, kind to animals and a so-so pianist.Cecil Herbert Woolley is also a consulting detective, world renowned for his knowledge of, and some say first-hand experience with, the occult.The Blood Red Heiress, David Keyes' second novel, is a rollicking, cocktail-fueled occult mystery featuring the detective Cecil Herbert Woolley, his manservant Benedict and the love of his life, Clemency de la Tour.

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