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Magical Kitty Springs Cat Toy For Discerning Cats

Magical Kitty Springs Cat Toy For Discerning Cats

Although seemingly simple, these cat toys keep kitties entertained for literally years. But don't take it from me, here's what my cats have to say.


Reviews from my cats:

Mum gave us these when we were babies. We thought we were suave but we fell off of stuff all the time and I looked somewhat like a weasel. When we saw these, we immediately thought they needed to be killed. We pounced on them, and they sprung away. They needed to be hunted down and killed more. I didn’t know they would stay alive so long. Now we’re not kittens anymore, but incredibly sophisticated and cunning 2-year-old cats of distinction, and sometimes the springs come out from under the furniture and skitter around and need to be killed again. They are feisty. They tease us. They must die. 4 paws up.

— Ivo, black cat


These springs act so crazy. They make a good noise on the floor. It’s quiet but it gets me really excited. Sometimes when they get near me, I fall on my head, even though I’m not a kitten anymore. The little ones roll and jump around like really fast snakes. The big ones sometimes get all tangled up, and then they make me want to stick all my feet in them and roll around. Then sometimes mum or dad kicks them and then they are definitely snakes and must be caught. They’re weird snakes though, because they are really light, so it’s like they can fly. So that means they might be birds. I’ve never seen a real snake or bird, except for there are some fidgety things out the window that might be birds, but they might be squirrels. Anyway, these springs keep me very entertained, and they are a very good match for my intellect. 4 paws and a stripy tail up.

— Otterley, ginger cat

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