About Keep Salem Odd

Salem. It's not like other cities. It's not just about the history, though that is a continual source of fascination, or about the beauty of the architecture and the flowers and the sea. It's about the present and what a wonderful weird bunch of creative, talented, diverse, and spirited folk live here and make this place odd — in the best possible way!  

I'm Annie and like my environment, I'm slightly eccentric. "Multi-passionate" the modern people call it.  I've never quite known what I wanted to be when I grew up, except for just about every kind of artist and also part of a set of clever, creative people to work and play with and generally be kept on my toes by. We're talking William Morris and Company, The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, The Bloomsbury Group, Paris or Harlem in the 20s, The Bauhaus, the Mackintoshes, Merchant and Ivory, being in an awesome band in a supportive music scene… well, that sort of thing. (and not in a pretentious way.) But I'm kind of shy, so it's taken a while, and I've started a whole lot of projects on my own in the meantime. 

Thus, Keep Salem Odd. Goods for the modern eccentric. A supportive environment for the perhaps ever-so-slightly extraordinary. A place I can share my various finds and projects and showcase the ridiculously fabulous enterprises of old friends and new ones I'm hoping to meet. 

That's the idea. And this is just the beginning. I have about twenty zillion ideas I want to bring into this peculiar salon, but first I just need to, you know, launch the damn website. To start, there are five departments, or collections:

Even though it's a store, rampant capitalism for its own sake isn't the point. This is a kind, just, supportive, accepting, ethical sort of place and I hope it brings you joy.

Thank you.




This is Sophia, who is actually my boss, and Ivo and Otterley who are in charge of "disruptive" innovation. 


Need more cuteness? Try the Sea Squirrel collection!